Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Do you ever feel lonely. Like when you need someone to pay attention to you, like you’re sick or you need to share your feelings, that there’s no one there that really cares. No one to check up on you if you’re really happy, or if you want to go out at night. 
What do you do?

When the heart get weak is the weakest time just hold myself tight ,that’s fine whatever happen,goodness or worth my heart still has the loneliness . 

Although, there are always someone with me , but I feel they are invisible, no more feeling, no more understanding ,no more real happiness… 

I have to keep those feelings inside because even you said several times ,no one understand what exactly you want,they only care about themselves. the most terrible fact is someone keep telling you that he is understand you and care about you a lot but he never really dose or never understand what you want.I have to carry on walking, with loneliness. I want to end it but I don’t know how because I don’t want to get hurt …. Personality never change and always the problem,the terrible thing is you don’t want to talk about that anymore and it means things will goes wrong never have chance to be good. hopeless ending….

I don’t know how long it’s going the end. Although
I don’t know why but I still feel lonely
May be because of the world is too big so, the heart is getting a bit lonely but I still smile and happy to hold the loneliness with me.  

I want to tell you I am smiling dose not mean I am happy!

When the winter comes or the rain pass by the time pass , keep going with the loneliness in your heart

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♥ ROS ♥ said...

Alamak bi la kak... Hihihi.. Byk knacheck kamus online nih..kihkih...

eKa said...

la kenapanya lonely pulak eka dtg sini tuk teman kekda :)

AdiaLuze said...

Panic sekejap bila hari tu takleh masuk blog yu ..
Ingatkan yu dh benci kat ai ..huhuuhu

Kalau ai ada wat salah, MAAFKAN lah ai ye ..
Ai hanya manusia biasa .. -.-

Loneliness is something that will always be
there no matter how loud the world is ...
It just that whether you notice it or not .. ^^