Friday, November 4, 2011

My Happiest Moment

My happiest moment is when...

Having good time with my lovely friends,

Friends who always give me strength,

Always there when I need.

Friends who share the joy,

also share the pain,

And putting a smile on my face when I'm down.

Thank you friends for bring me joy and happines.

**Taman Wetland Putrajaya.
**8 Oktober 2011.

*This contest was brought by Nuffnang in conjunction with Happy Moment Last With Olympus PEN.


Azi said...

love ur pic. reen

♥ ROS ♥ said...

Bestnya kak.. Tringin nak jumpa korang semua jgak..hihihi

Zana Adieyza said...

seronok betul tgk gmbr2 ni!!!