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Good Vibes, Positive Energy [Khas Utk TTC'ian]

Apakah ia? 
Mari tgk def by Your Dictionary

Vibes are the emotional signals a person gives out to those around them with their body language and social interactions.

An example of good vibes is a happy person smiling and having a positive effect on those around them.

Lihat saja example yang diberikan tu. Happy person smiling and having a positive effect on those around them. Bila kita menyebarkan emosi positif, orang sekeliling juga akan terima tempias nya.

Ya, kita kena banyakkan positive energy dalam diri kita. Perlu. Esp yg selalu terbeban dengan masalah, yg selalu merasakan diri ada kekurangan berbanding orang lain.
Jumpa satu artikel yang bagus. Yang boleh diaplikasikan. Esp pada TTC'ian yg rasa pilu nak berhari raya. Usah gundah gulana, usah gusar. Apa yang penting kita sebarkan positive vibes, positive energy. Senyum. Dan jangan pikir orang lain akan bertanya perihal anak. Senyum. Jika belum pernah mencuba, mari kita cuba sama-sama. Hari raya ini lah paling sesuai utk kita ber eksperimentasi dengan positive vibes ini. Ayuhh..!

We are magnets.  When we emit positive energy (thoughts, feelings, and vibrations), we attract more positives to us.

Bueno!  Life, she is good!

Mangia!  Mangia!

When we dwell on the negatives, we attract negatives ~ sapping our energy and strength in the process.

If you’re tired of living under a perpetual rain cloud, keep reading! 

Yes, Eeyore, you too!

If we want to attract heath, wellness, and vitality to ourselves, we must stop circulating (and re-circulating) toxic, negative thoughts and feelings.

Here are 10 Ways to Attract Positive Energy into your life, while boosting your immune system, curing dis-ease, and counter-balancing daily stress:

1.  Love and accept yourself as you are right now.  Start a list to remind yourself of all your wonderful qualities.  Add to it every day.

E.g.,  I am the most positive person I know.

2.  Free yourself from past resentments and disappointments about who you were yesterday.  Stop engaging in self-blame and guilt for past acts and omissions.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Revel in it.

As Scrooge announced on Christmas morn, “I am not the man I was!”

3.  Let go of any and all resentment you’re hanging onto about everyone and everything else.  Stop looking for reasons to criticize and blame others for their acts and omissions.  Let go of your desire to control others.

The past is gone.  It is what it is, and cannot be changed.  Let it go. 

4.  Stop giving your power away.  Use your time, energy, and vitality wisely.  Every time you choose to focus on a negative, you are depleting your reserves rather than re-charging your batteries.

Focus on circulating and re-circulating positive, life-affirming ideas. 

5.  Use creative visualization and your imagination to your advantage, not your detriment.  Instead of picturing worst case scenarios, see things as you want them to be.  Visualize yourself doing things in a state of perfect health. 

Visualize ideal outcomes and happy endings, not dire consequences.
(yg ni paling bagus utk diaplikasikan. Instead of, kita risau orang bertanya bila..bila.. kita pikirkan yg orang akan mendoakan kita utk dapat anak. Insyaallah.. itu lah yg akan berlaku. Kita ni kadang terlalu risau orang bertanya, sbb tu lah soalan tu juga yg keluar. Rilek rilek saja.. rilek sister..sister rilek)

 6.  Do not speak of your illness, or dis-ease with others.  The more attention you place on what you don’t want in your life, the more energy it absorbs.   Remove your attention from your dis-ease.  Put your focus and attention on the things in your life that make you feel good.

Starve your illness and dis-ease by refusing to dwell on them.

7.  Love is the antidote to fear.  If you appreciate the many blessings in your life, and express gratitude for anything and everything, you begin to flow in  a healing bath (rather than languishing in toxins).  Develop an attitude of gratitude by making a list of all the things you are grateful for, including  increased health and vitality.

Be grateful for the health and well-being coming your way.
(Betul. Instead of berfikir dan terus berfikir kenapa kita diuji, baik lah kita mensyukuri nikmat nikmat yg telah diberikan oleh Allah. Banyak. Terlalu banyak. Tapi kenapa pintu yg tertutup itu juga yang asyik kita pikirkan)

8.  Recognize that you have the power to heal yourself.  That healing power flows from the thoughts you think.  Allow positive thoughts to circulate, eliminating stress and boosting your immune system.

There is no such thing as incurable.  Miracles abound.

9.  Be happy.  Appreciate this moment.  Resist nothing.  Love yourself and others.  Be  grateful for small blessings.  Make happiness your number one  priority.  When you remain positive, you summon well-being, and vanquish  illness and dis-ease.

When we exist in a state of happiness, we boost our immune systems and allow our bodies to use energy reserves for healing.  
(Gembira! Ceria! Jangan bermuram durja. Jangan pikir, alah..takmo lah pegi rumah makcik XX nati mesti dia tanya pasal anak. Takmo lah jumpa si XX sbb dia ada anak, aku takde. Padahal dia kawen selepas aku. Jangan pikir tu semua. Be happy. Hargai apa yg kita ada instead of berlara mengenangkan yg tiada (atau belum ada) )

10.  Laugh!  Laugh again!  Watch funny movies and recall memories that make you laugh.  Once you access the joy within, let it expand to fill your entire being, crowding out illness and dis-ease.

Laugh your way back to health.

These strategies work, but you must remember to apply them in your life.  Not once, not twice . . . EVERY DAY!

They won’t work if you give up, collapse into a heap, revert back to your previous negativity, while whining, It’s too hard.

Of course it’s hard.  But it’s worth it . . . after all, your health, vitality, and freedom are at stake.

Master your thoughts, master your life.

Aah . . . that’s better!

p/s : terkadang, mmg kita akan rasa sedih.. itu normal (esp time PMS kan), sesekali takpe.. cuma jgn menyebarkan vibes negative terlalu awal. Sebenarnya kita lah yang menentukan persekitaran kita. 

***Entry ini diinspirasikan jua dari entry latest blogger femes kita, Hanis Zalikha


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