Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Edisi Juicing : Heal, Healthy, Lose Weight

Oke. Lps ni sy akan satukan entry2 berkaitan juicing dengan tajuk entry 'edisi Juicing'. Dan akan di label sebagai #tingkatkan imuniti (kat instagram pun ini juga) dan #juicing. Utk diri sendiri juga supaya senang nak refer di kemudian hari. Cerita juicing ni merangkumi resepi, benefits dan email subscription. Oh. Juga berkongsi apakah rasa nya juicing yang dibuat. Sbb salu orang tanya 'sedap ke kak?' "cemna rasa dia". Eh. Sure la takde rasa sesedap cendol mahupun ABC sbb raw juice is without any sugar ye kakak kakak, adik adik. Hihi.

So, utk hari ni mari start dengan email subscription yg dihantar. Sy subscribe dari sini Benefits of Juicing . Memang bes sbb dia akan bagi tips dalam ber juicing.. sila lah subsribe.. free saja :)

Hey Ida,
Today I was at a restaurant and I overheard a couple talking next to me.  They said "I'm tired of counting my calories.  I hate this diet."  Oohhh....diet.  Yucky word. Then I heard the woman say "Not another salad." 

It kind of broke my heart.  I like salads.  No, that's not why :)  
It reminded me of how I was years ago.  
You see, it was quite a few years ago that I was overweight.  I counted my calories and was on a restrictive diet.  It sucked. I'm not going to lie, I lost weight.  

But until I found juicing, I didn't feel good.  My skin didn't glow.  I didn't have energy.   And my metabolism was not in gear.
Juicing transformed my outlook on life. I drank my salad in a tall frosty glass. I didn't have to eat them so often that I got tired of them.  And once I focused on being healthy, I stopped obsessing about my weight, slimmed down easy and cleared up other health problems.

Did you know that health problems are caused by one of two major reasons?  
A toxicity in the body and nutrient deficiencies.  
Once you get those in check, your body can heal, get healthy and lose weight.  Think of your body as a miraculous healing machine.  

The diet many of us eat is low in vitamins and minerals. 
Processed foods. 
Junk foods. 
Very little raw and green produce. 

A lack of nutrients over time can cause sheer havoc on our bodies.  It makes our metabolism slow down.  It makes our body do weird things and eventually we get sick. 
Juicing- getting your vitamins through a straw- is a great solution for two reasons:

#1: It's yummy.

#2: It's a quick and easy way for your body to get a concentrated amount of good clean nutrition (think of it this way- would you rather have a salad and a bowl of fruit in one sitting OR one glass of juice?).

Fresh juices are plant based drinks packed with the goodness of raw vegetables and fruits.  Once you get over the color- whether it be green, purple or red- you'll never go back to store bought.
It's the single easiest way squeeze more nutrition into our diet.

Once you give your body good nutrition and clear it out of toxins, you'll get a bounce in your step, glowing, clear skin, a sharp mind and be on your way to a slim body.

Each and everyday I hear stories about weight loss...
People getting off of their medications...
And improved sleep, digestion and glowing skin...

Because when your body has the nutrients it needs...It's happy.

This, quite simply, is why getting into a juicing habit is a fabulous idea.  Life is better when our bodies are healthy, because then we're happy.

Our juicing on 14.9.2013.
Tomato (half) + carrot (half) + green apple (sebijik) + oren (sebijik)
Rasa : Oke je sbb rasa oren yg masam akan tenggelam kan rasa lelain.
Utk permulaan, kalo kita takut dgn 'rasa' yg kita tak suka, 
kita jgn terlalu excited nak buh banyak2. Buh dlm kuantiti sikit dulu,
if oke..esuk boleh tambah amaun.

Antara benefit tomato juice :
Another surprising benefit of drinking tomato juice is its ability to aid in weight loss. Unknown to many, tomato juice is helpful in losing weight. Studies have found out that drinking tomato juice helps in weight loss. It flushes out the body’s toxin and helps shed that unwanted pounds quick. Tomato juice diet gives the body nutrients and calories which are essential for metabolic process. Tomatoes are low in sodium and high in dietary fiber that is an important factor for the body to properly function. Its fiber helps regulate bowel movement and prevents constipation. It keeps the liver healthy and functioning well. Since tomatoes are naturally rich in water, it helps the body hydrated even after strenuous exercise.

Tomato juice also helps in caring for the skin. It reduces acne and gets rid of pimple infection fast. Tomato juice helps in the prevention of skin breakout and helps prevents pimple and tightens skin pore. Since tomatoes are a good source of vitamin A, it is good for hair growth and helps keep hair strong and shiny.


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fyzz mmg penggemar juice..tp jus nih lom try lagi..adoi..fyzz nih badan jenis ting tong..akak tau la beranak 3 nih camna...tuh la fyzz suka wat seat up..senam..sapu itu sapu ini..makan itu mkan ini..nk bagi turun berat bdn nih hah...

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